Summer Games Done Quick - 2nd to 9th July

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Summer Games Done Quick - 2nd to 9th July

Post by Garlic Junior on Tue Jul 04, 2017 4:23 am

I meant to post this already. Whoops.

Summer Games Done Quick. One week of solid live streamed speedrun action. A plethora of games from old to new will be covered, and a metric shit ton of cash raised for charity.

Check out the schedule here.

I'm not super up on everyone, but the Tony Hawk's runs, Kirby Dream World, Mario Kart Wii by jcool114, all will be worth checking out.

Friday's Super Mario relay race featuring darbian and GrandPooBear is my personal pick for the one to watch. I am devastated I will miss it live, it will be the best three hours of the week.

The Super Metroid low% race a few hours later will be another stories chapter in the Zoast v oatsngoats saga.

Then Saturday's Super Panga World into Super Mario 64 runs are where my interest ends.

Anything you guys will be checking out?
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